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Bieren van ‘t vat
3Brouwerij BoonOude Schaarbeekse Kriek Boon (2018)Lambic – Kriek6.5%25cl Draft4.50 €
4Brouwerij De RankeNoir de DottigniesBelgian Strong Dark Ale8.5%25cl Draft4.00 €
5Brasserie de la SenneWadesda LagerPilsner – German4.9%25cl Draft3.50 €
6Brouwerij Boon2-Year Unblended Oude LambiekLambic – Traditional7.0%25cl Draft3.50 €
7Brouwerij Oud BeerselKriekenlambiekLambic – Kriek5.6%25cl Draft4.25 €
Speciale bieren op fles
Brouwerij RodenbachRodenbach AlexanderSour – Flanders Red Ale5.6%75cl Bottle10.00 €
Vliegende Paard BrouwersPréaris ÁgrioSour – Fruited4.5%33cl Bottle4.50 €
Brasserie de la SenneBruxellensis ReservaPale Ale – Belgian6.5%75cl Bottle20.00 €
Brussels Beer ProjectLime CrimePale Ale – Milkshake4.6%33cl Bottle4.50 €
Brouwerij The MusketeersTroubadour Magma TropicalIPA – Triple6.5%33cl Bottle4.25 €
Brasserie CantillonNath (2019)Lambic – Fruit6.0%75cl Bottle25.00 €
Gueuzerie TilquinOude Cassis Tilquin à l’ancienne (2018-2019)Lambic – Fruit6.3%37,5cl Bottle15.00 €
Gueuzerie TilquinOude Myrtille Sauvage Tilquin à l’ancienneLambic – Fruit6.6%37,5cl Bottle15.00 €
Gueuzerie TilquinOude Pinot Gris Tilquin à L’Ancienne (2018-2019)Lambic – Gueuze8.0%75cl Bottle30.00 €
Gueuzerie TilquinOude Pinot Noir Tilquin à L’ancienne (2018-2019)Lambic – Fruit8.2%75cl Bottle30.00 €
Brasserie FantômeAnother F’tôme “BRICK” For DidierFarmhouse Ale – Other7.5%75cl Bottle15.00 €
Brasserie FantômePissenlitFarmhouse Ale – Saison8.0%75cl Bottle15.00 €
Brasserie FantômeRock the FarmhouseIPA – Farmhouse9.3%75cl Bottle18.00 €
Brasserie FantômeSaison Spéciale AmarilloFarmhouse Ale – Saison8.0%75cl Bottle18.00 €
Brasserie FantômeSilos & SummitsFarmhouse Ale – Saison7.5%75cl Bottle16.00 €
Brasserie FantômeThe Krieken AwakesFarmhouse Ale – Saison7.3%75cl Bottle22.00 €
Brasserie de Jandrain-JandrenouilleIV SaisonFarmhouse Ale – Saison6.5%33cl Bottle4.00 €
Vintage bieren op fles
Brouwerij De Dolle BrouwersCosmosSour – Other9.0%75cl Bottle45.00 €


11/10/2018 Christmas beers are back on our menu.
18/06/2018 New on our menu… exclusive vintage beers!
15/05/2018 Launch of the new website. Please have a look at our UNTAPPD powered beer menu. All breweries and beers have a link to more detailed information.
15/04/2018 ‘t Brugs Beertje t-shirts for sale at the bar for 15 € only.
31/12/2016 Daisy Claeys (59) handed over the Brugs Beertje to her worthy successor Dries Brouckaert.

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