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Bieren van ‘t vat
1Brouwerij De KoninckBolleke De Koninck (APA)Pale Ale – Belgian5.2%25cl Draft3.50 €
4De Struise BrouwersPannepot – Old Fisherman’s Ale (2021)Belgian Strong Dark Ale10.0%25cl Draft6.00 €
5Brasserie de BlaugiesLa Bière DarbysteFarmhouse Ale – Saison5.8%25cl Draft4.25 €
6Oud BeerselGuacharos Coffee Infused LambicLambic – Traditional6.8%25cl Draft5.00 €
Speciale bieren op fles
L’ErmitageHoly PassionSour – Fruited4.0%33cl blik6.00 €
Brasserie AtriumIn’FusedBelgian Quadrupel11.0%33cl Bottle7.00 €
Brouwerij ‘t VerzetHijsenPale Ale – New Zealand6.0%33cl Bottle5.00 €
Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van WestvleterenTrappist Westvleteren BlondBelgian Blonde5.8%33cl Bottle9.00 €
Brasserie AtriumFuturo Bourbon Barrel AgedStout – Other10.5%33cl Bottle11.00 €
Brasserie AtriumStaffstuff 2021Porter – Other4.5%33cl Bottle7.00 €
Brasserie AtriumWilly Tonka Chocolate Crave Long BoilStout – Russian Imperial14.3%33cl Bottle10.00 €
De Struise BrouwersBlack AlbertStout – Russian Imperial13.0%33cl Bottle7.50 €
De Struise BrouwersCuvée DelphineStout – Russian Imperial13.0%33cl Bottle8.50 €
Brasserie AtriumTornadoIPA – Sour6.9%33cl blik7.00 €
Brussels Beer ProjectDevil DropLager – IPL (India Pale Lager)5.5%33cl blik5.00 €
Brasserie de la SenneKolos RisesFarmhouse Ale – Saison5.7%33cl Bottle4.00 €
L’ErmitageEpine NoireFarmhouse Ale – Saison7.5%33cl Bottle6.00 €


8/06/2020 From now on you can enjoy our delicious homemade spaghetti.
24/10/2019 Christmas beers are back on our menu.
18/06/2018 New on our menu… exclusive vintage beers!
15/05/2018 Launch of the new website. Please have a look at our UNTAPPD powered beer menu. All breweries and beers have a link to more detailed information.
15/04/2018 ‘t Brugs Beertje t-shirts for sale at the bar for 15 € only.
31/12/2016 Daisy Claeys (59) handed over the Brugs Beertje to her worthy successor Dries Brouckaert.

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